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Technology, Development and Unemployment in Africa

History tells us of the 18th Century Industrial revolution, which saw the invention and introduction of Cotton engine machine in replacement for manual labour production of cotton which subsequently led to the retrenchment of mass labourers and employment of youths in place of adult family men and women, leaving the family institution totally broken. This was the experience of 18th Century Europe. Today we are faced with such experience in Africa. This may not be unconnected with the African experience after the resultant effect of the scramble for Africa, colonialism and cultural imperialism. Today African societies are developing at the pace of European technology and advancement thereby creating a huge vacuum of socio-economic and technology growth leaving African societies totally dependent on Europe for practically every implement for survival and consequently, lack of initiation, creativity and unemployment. This paper examined the nexus between the problematic scenario described above, the challenges of Africa’s development in the face of the above and the implications of the unemployment situation it created in Africa. The paper recommend that it is high time Africans at home and in Diaspora come together to building local technology that will advance the societies of Africa and implicitly creating jobs for the teeming unemployed Africans. Keywords - African societies, Unemployment, Technology, Growth and Development