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A Study on Virus-A Comparison of Influenza and Covid-19

Viral diseases have been responsible for taking many lives throughout history. Over the last century scientists have been studying viruses and understanding them better. One of the main reasons why viruses are a threat is because they can’t be killed using drugs. This means that medication given when someone has a virus is to help with symptoms not treat the virus. Viruses are also different from bacteria and multiply very quickly. This makes it even harder to control viruses. Many viral pandemics and epidemics have been lost in history and are not talked about much anymore. We do not have records of those pandemics because they were so devastating and people did not want to remember them, hence this paper deals with types of viruses, treatment, and comparison of two of the most devastating and influential pandemics over the last century, Spanish flu and COVID-19. Because the Spanish flu pandemic was so devastating, scientists have been researching and studying viruses more and have developed equipment to help with this. Such equipment consists of the electron microscope which allows scientists to see viruses since they are only 0.02 microns. This equipment is now being used to help detect and prevent the spread of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Hence the death toll for the COVID-19 pandemic is very low compared to the Spanish flu pandemic that took place around 100 years prior. The only way to treat viruses at the moment is to use medication to help with symptoms and let the immune system kill it off. Keywords - COVID-19, Virus, Bacteria, Ebola, Influenza, Pandemic.