Paper Title
Problems in The Institution of Marriage

Marriage is a social institution and a type of cooperative network or system, which can also be called a social contract. The definition of marriage has been ambiguous across variance based upon culture, time, continent, etc., and it has various forms. This paper titled- ‘Problems in the Institution of Marriage’, deals only with the heterosexual monogamous form of marriage. It aims to highlight problems in the institution of marriage. The problems are determined using a mixed method which includes analysis, archival study, reading and so on. This paper is Ethical in discipline and argumentative in nature. Emergence of marriage as a social institution has been documented in the paper, which took place post cognitive revolution. This helps unearth the foundational errors in the institution by drawing attention towards the basic assumptions taken in account, erstwhile, during the formulation of the institution. These assumptions are now found to be either revoked or are found to be based upon undetermined grounds. Following from the emergence of it as a ‘social contract’, the institution of marriage as it emerged and prevails in the heterosexual monogamous form, fails to satisfy the moral ‘Theory of Social Contract’ given by Hobbes.The basic tenets of the moral theory are disposed in the course of the institution of marriage, and this paper intends to showcase it by substantiating the same with arguments. Keywords - Women, social institution(s), social contract, marriage, heterosexual, monogamous, Hobbes’s theory of social contract, cognitive revolution, sexual hormones, mothers, wives