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Pre-service English Language Teachers’ Perceptions of a Good Language Teacher at the University of Technology and Applied Sciences-AL-Rustaq, Oman

The study examines how the pre-service English language teachers at University of Technology and Applied Sciences-AL-rustaq perceive the notion of a ‘good language teacher’ before and after they undertake microteaching practices. Qualitative research was employed to answer the main research questions of the study, in the form of content analyzing twelve pre-service English language teachers’ perceptions of an open-ended question of ‘what are the qualities of a good English teacher?’ The question was given to the participants before and after a microteaching course. The findings revealed that pedagogical knowledge is the best quality that pre-service English language teachers must possess at the University of Technology and Applied Sciences-AL-rustaq. Personal qualities such as being a motivator, being kind, being enthusiastic and having a sense of humor were also perceived as important features of a good teacher from the participants’ point of view. The powerful influence of the microteaching practice made the participants able to incorporate their background knowledge (the studied theories) into practice. This was clear from their interpretation of the concept of good language teacher from only personal qualities to more into teaching with good personal qualities. This therefore, emphasizes the importance of this practical course in shaping more practical teaching identities over simply theoretical ones amongst the participants. It is hence recommended to increase the practical courses and allocate them towards the end of the pre-service teacher education programme. It is also recommended that the teachers of these courses focus on post-lesson discussions, and make a balance emphasis on the overall good teacher qualities in order for the pre-service English language teachers to see the importance of all qualities in the language classroom. Keywords - Microteaching, Pre-Service English Language Teachers, Characteristics of Good English Language Teachers, University of Technology and Applied Sciences-AL-rustaq