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Defining Occupational Competencies of Building Technology Managing Officer

This research aims at defining occupation and competency of building technology managing officers to gain complete information which can be used as a database to synthesize bachelor degree program in building technology managing officer for vocational institutes under the Office of Vocational Education Commission (OVEC). This program should serve the needs and requirements of the enterprises in this field. The development of this research can be divided into 2 main phases, i.e. study the related document phase and the analysis phase. The former phase includes study the related documents and literatures to define the occupation, position, level, duty and job which was evaluated for the appropriateness by 16 management team, supervisors, and specialists from enterprises, 8 persons from hotel business, 3 persons from accommodation building, 2 persons form hospitals, and 7 persons from educational institutes altogether with 23 persons. They evaluated the appropriateness of the occupation definition through yes/no checklist. In the latter phase, there was an analysis and the synthesis of data to define unit of competences of building technology managing officers. The developed occupation definition was then validated again for the appropriateness using 3 level rating scales. The data were then analyzed to find the percentage, mean, and SD. The result revealed that the specialists rated their opinions at very high level on 4 items and 1 item with moderate level. There are 25 aspects of building technology managing officer competencies of which 9 items are core competencies and 19 items are functional competencies. Most specialists reported their agreement at high level which can be concluded that the data on occupation and competencies of building technology managing officers can be applied to develop bachelor degree in building technology managing officers for educational institutes under OVEC. Keyword- Building Technology Managing Officers, Competencies.