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The Impact of knowledge and attitude of pregnant women on the utilization of Antenatal Care (ANC) service : A case study of Obuasi S.D.A.Hospital

Antenatal care is a medical and general care provided to pregnant women during pregnancy. It is aim at meeting both psychological and medical needs of pregnant women within thecontext of health care delivery system. The study investigated pregnant women’s knowledge and attitude towards antenatal care services at Obuasi S.D.A. Hospital. Three research objectives and questions were formulated to guide the study. The literature was conceptually, empirically and theoretically reviewed based on the main variables under study. The study adopted a descriptive and explanatory design and the sample size was 300 pregnant women attending antenatal care at the Hospital from January – May, 2016. The instrument for data collection was a structured questionnaire. The study revealed that majority of the respondents had good knowledge and favorable attitude towards antenatal care.Additionally, the result indicated that attitude and knowledge of pregnant women negatively and positively predict the utilization of ANC services respectively. However, attitude of pregnant women showed a higher negative impact on the utilization of ANC services than combining it with interest of pregnant women. The study recommended that publicity on the effectiveness of antenatal care should be encouraged by health practitioners. Again, health practitioners should treat patients as unique individuals without any favoritism in order to encourage the utilization of ANC. Keywords - Antenatal, Conceptually, Complications, Attitude