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A Study on Small Radial Inflow Turbine For Waste Energy Extraction

Pneumatic and condensate flash steam is a system that losses a lot of energy to surrounding. Their losses are from the high pressure gas blow out of downstream pipeline. To recovery their waste energy, turbo expander is used to extract the flow work from the fluid. In this paper, the radial inflow turbine was studied the potential of energy extraction from low pressure source using compressed air. The three blade types which are full blade, inlet trim and inlet-outlet trim has been tested for understanding of the effect of blade geometry to the torque, power output and pressure drop using brake torque method. The experiments were carried out with control pressure of 2 bar and volume flow rate was not exceed 0.027m3/s for steady operation. All inlet and outlet condition of air were measured throughout the test such as temperature, relative humidity, static pressure and total pressure. The test was controlled turbines rotation speed and varied volume flow rate. As a result, a full blade turbine can extract highest mechanical power output of 36 W at rotational speed of 20,000rpm and volume flow rate at 0.026m3/s. However, the outlet pressure from the turbine could be increased for sake of backpressure balance with the inlet trim or inlet and outlet. The maximum power for inlet trim and inlet-outlet trip was 28 and 30 W, respectively. The energy recovered from the turbine could be used in equipped with small generator and LED lighting in a night time. Index Termsó Turbo Expander, Radial Inflow Turbine, Energy Recovery, Energy extraction.