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Population Policy and Demographics Revitalization in The Republic of Croatia – Financial Aspect

Population policy means a set of measures and actions by which a public authority explicitly or implicitly affects demographic processes (mortality, fertility, and migration). In population policies of any kind, there are implementation challenges, but also the question of their effectiveness. There is no consensus among demographic experts on whether and how public authorities should intervene and try to influence all demographic processes, or whether they should let things go naturally and for self-regulatory forces to do their job. While almost everyone thinks that intervention to reduce mortality is welcome, the consensus is much smaller when it comes to acting on the other two demographic processes, fertility and migration. In Croatia, this consensus is much higher. Demographic revitalization is a fairly popular term in Croatian public discourse, at least in the last few years. This paper aims to investigate population measures from the financial aspect implemented by the Republic of Croatia for the demographic revitalization of the population that directly relate to the establishment and expansion of the family. Keywords - Population Policy, Demographic Revitalization, Republic of Croatia, Financial Aspect.