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Evaluation of Fe/Ni Nanoparticles as Catalysts in Aquathermolytic Treatment of Extraheavy Oils for their Enhanced Recover from Reservoir

The growing world energy demand and the gradual reduction of existing light and medium crude oil reserves have forced the search for new ways for exploitation more efficient and with less environmental impact, especially for heavy and extra heavy crudes (CP/XP) where recovery factors are below 10%. In this sense, it is proposed the study of a treatment that combines the improvement of the CP/XP properties in order to decrease permanently its viscosity and, thereby, facilitate their transportation to the surface with the current enhanced recovery methods such as steam injection. The experimental study is based on static tests in batch reactors to assess the interaction steam/water, oil and sand form a CP/XP reservoir located in the Orinoco Oil Belt with metal nanoparticles of iron/nickel (Fe/Ni). The reactions were performed in duplicate at 280°C and 900 psig initial atmosphere of nitrogen, the radio of oil/sand/water used was 3:9:1 and a rection time of 24 hours. Results show a viscosity reduction of 93% at 60°C and a density increase of 6°API. Content of saturated hydrocarbons increased 89% while resins and asphaltenes decreased 25% and 21% respectively. Results confirm that at low severity conditions some breaking reaction in hydrocarbon molecules occur, generating free radical which generate lighter fractions. Keywords - Aquathermolysis, Heavy Oil, Viscosity, Nanoparticles.