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Optimizing Smart Micro Inverter GMPPT using Reconfigurable Control System Algorithm using IOE

Global Maximum Power Point Tracking (GMPTT) encompasses mathematical tracking, monitoring, calculating, analyzing, and adjusting the current (I) and voltage (V). The goal is to circumvent overestimating or underestimating system energy production. Solar production has two maximum points, Local Maximum (LM) is the case where shaded solar panels are not sidestepped. The Global Maximum (GM) is the case where shaded solar panels are circumvented. The difference between LM and GM, that LM is calculated at Higher Voltage and Lower Current while GM is calculated at Lower Voltage and Higher Current. Many algorithms are designed to maximize the output power of Solar Smart Micro Inverter by controlling three different signals Current Signal, Voltage Signal, and Impedance. To secure the observability and controllability of the system, this paper treats GMPTT as a control system optimization by customizing the optimization mathematical model of a continuous linear system by shifting and placing the eigenvalues in a predetermined restricted control area. The second step is the development of a reconfigurable control algorithm using the Pseudo-Inverse allocation method that is founded in the mathematical optimization field.