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“Tag Team Teaching”: Promising Practices that Promote High Impact Student Learning and Engagement in Online Learning Environments

Across the globe, the whole educational system from early childhood to the tertiary level shifted as a resultof the lockdown period due to COVID-19.Exploring the experiences of teaching online and learning remotely, have become topics of interest, especially amidst the pandemic. The aim of this study is to explore on-line teaching experiences of university course instructors in a higher education institution in the United Arab Emirates. This study examines how two faculty co-taught the same course and class, but on two different campuses over a semester. The two classes were merged into one unified class. This unified class was then co-taught by both faculty via an on-line platform. The faculty learned new technologies and utilized educational engagement applications. Goals of faculty included creating a community of practice and co-teaching by creating an engaging, interactive, and meaningful learning experience for students. Data yielded from qualitative responses in class were used by the faculty instructors to formatively facilitate improved teaching, student learning outcomes and course development. Towards the end of the semester, students were administered a survey to evaluate their course learning experience. Findings yielded from the collected data indicate that active learning as best practice, can be enhanced by co-teaching. Implications of this study will contribute tothe development and implementation of high impact practices of faculty both locally and internationally abroad. Keywords – Co-Teaching, Educational Engagement Applications, Remote Teaching, Differentiation, Active Learning, and Online Learning Environment