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Comparison of Health and Economic Values of SARSCOV2 Vaccination with Preventive Measures (Stay-at home, Mask and Hand Sanitizer) in California

The first line of defence against COVID-19 pandemic was recommended to adopt physical distancing alongside use of face masks and hand sanitizers in early 2020. Vaccines against SARS-COV2 came around early 2021. We have carefully studied the temporal behaviour of the COVID-19 suspected and confirmed infection in various hospitals in four major cities namely in California. Our observation revealed the limitation of the standard SIRD model to simulate the full pandemic episodes in California. We also investigated the additional economic value of the immunization program compared to physical distancing in four major cities in California considering the number of homeless people as one of the microeconomic markers to gain insights and opportunity about possible future scenarios in a post-vaccination era. Keywords - COVID-19, Health Economics, Vaccination Program in California, Impact of local economics, Preventive measures versus Vaccination Program