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National Agency for Control of AIDS (NACA) and International Response to the Scourge of HIV/AIDS in Nigeria, 2000-2010

This paper seeks to examine Nigerian National Agency for the control of AIDS (NACA) and International response to the control of HIV/AIDS in Nigeria. The paper adopted the Functionalist theory alongside Liberalism and Idealism but sanchored extensively on functionalism. On the response of HIV/AIDS, Functionalist theory advocated for international corporation of both intergovernmental and non-governmental organisations as the basis for the reduction of the virus. the study adopted secondary source of data i.e. journals, articles, newspapers and policy briefs to discuss the reduction of the pandemic (HIV/AIDS).This paper discovered that although HIV/AIDS is a global threat, especially to developing countries where the prevalence rate is still very high.yet,international governmental and non-governmental organisation have been able to collaborate with National agencies like NACA in Nigeria and respond speedily through diverse initiatives and action plans to curb the spread of the virus .the study therefore recommends greater awareness on testing and early introduction of antiretroviral therapy, proper screening of blood before transfusion, absolute faithfulness among partners .Similarly, sharing of sharp objects like needles, knives and syringes should be avoided at all cost. Keywords - HIV/AIDS virus, intergovernmentalintervention, Anti-Retroviral, Multi-sectoral response.