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Conceptual Approaches to Implementation of Transition of Kazakhstan to "Green Economy"

Currently exist the following technological preconditions for gradual development of green economy: rapid development of Internet-globalization and computer technologies, modernization of transport, rapid technological change, increased volume of scientific and technical information and growth of high-tech industries. All these factors provide a basis for global use and spread of new green technologies, development of modern tools of controlling and monitoring of environmental issues, rapid response to a particular complex environmental situation. The article provides brief analysis of economic situation in Kazakhstan. Particular emphasis is placed on the issues related to energy capacity and energy efficiency, their impact on environment and competitiveness of the country, as well as opportunities to improve these indicators. Also, it includes the author's approach to the implementation of "green" economy in the Republic of Kazakhstan based on synergy effect of energy-saving and parallel increased influence of human capital on process of transition to "green" growth. Index Termsó Energy Efficiency, Energy Saving, Environmental Damage, Green Economy.