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Controllers in the Digital World

Recent developments, the evolution and growth of digital solutions have triggered exciting and forward-looking changes in the labour market. These processes have been further reinforced by COVID-19 and the consequent rise of the telework. In the first part of this research, the changing role and requirements profile of controllers were reviewed in the literature, and the changes and methods that may determine their future work and requirements profile were identified in order to understand the changing role of controllers. In the second part of this research, a qualitative research was conducted in the Hungarian labour market. By examining around 200 job vacancies, the aim was to compare the competences found in the literature with the demand generated by companies in the labour market. Based on the research, it can be stated that there are not yet a large number of direct expectations for digitalisation solutions in corporate practice. The findings of the interviews conducted with corporate controlling managers revealed that, mainly at large corporations, regardless of the content of the job advertisements, knowledge of BI applications is part of the daily work. However, these expectations are not yet reflected in publicly available job advertisements; instead, they are set in internal company job profiles. Keywords - Digitalisation, IT, Decision Support, Business Partnering, Controller Competences