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Study on Work from Home Job Satisfaction during Covid-19: India

Problem statement: - Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, employees from various sectors were recommended to work from home and our paper aims to analyze the job satisfaction and the various domestic factors affecting it. Methods: Our research is based on one dependent variable, Job satisfaction and the independent variables that are age, gender, marital status, number of children, change in income, training and technical support and flexibility in working hours, using these variables we constructed 16 hypotheses for 8 variables and each test was conducted. Fo this research we will collect a primary data from 100 employees who are working from home from different sectors across India. The data analysis was then analyzed using the SPSS Statistical software and the statistical tools used are independent sample t test, Friedman test, one way ANOVA and independent sample t test as it was descriptive statistics. Results: The test results show that factors like gender, training and technical support, flexibility in working hours and change in income have an impact on the work from home satisfaction and factors like age, number of children and marital status do not have an impact on the work from home satisfaction. Conclusion: This study gives an insight into the factors that may be affecting the overall job satisfaction of the employees working from home and how it may affect the productivity of the employees and improve on those factors which affect the job satisfaction of the employees and work towards making it positive. This paper provides a study of Indian employee job satisfaction when working from home and the various domestic factors affecting it. The paper focuses on the impact of work from home arrangements adopted by organizations during the COVID-19 pandemic. Keywords - Work from home, COVID-19, Pandemic, Job Satisfaction