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Development and Effect of the Emotional Intelligence Program in Art & Design Education: Focused on Science And Gifted Learners

Gifted education has tended to focus on the cognitive aspect of learners. However, as the seriousness of the psychological problems of adolescents due to rapid social changes and the educational environment centered on college entrance exams has recently emerged, studies on their emotional development and utilization are becoming more important than ever before. This research is designed to develop the emotional intelligence improvement program through the Illustration class for the science and math gifted learners. First, the literature review was conducted on cognitive and emotional characteristics of students who are academically gifted in math and science, and emotional intelligence in adolescents. Second, the results of research were analyzed after the instructional program was applied to 62 high school students in the fist year of science and math gifted learners. After 8weeks of Illustration classes, 62 students' score in emotional intelligence increased by 1.2 point in average as a result of the emotional intelligence test through the pre and post analysis. Keywords - Art & Design, Science and Math Gifted Learners, Emotional Intelligence.