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Creative Tourism and Architectural Modern Heritage Regeneration

In current period protecting and regeneration of modern and valuable architectural heritage has been one of the fundamental and central cases. By changing in the development and expansion process in the city, the old architecture is neglected and may meet the risk of erosion, demolition and complete destruction. Modern architectural heritage buildings are very important and should be protected because they have cultural, historical, and architectural value and represent the architectural identity of the area during time. In addition to the mentioned aspects, the reusing these buildings is economically much more beneficial than constructing a new building and will also save natural resources and environmental durability. One of the most common ways of protecting valuable architectural heritage is to modernize it accordingly with tourism intentions. Nowadays, in the field of creative tourism, the heritage of modern architecture, as an example of cultural heritage, has attracted the tourists’ attention and has caused to economic prosperity and cultural development. By protecting and regeneration of modern architectural heritage constructions, in addition to protect the existing environmental structure and giving new identity and usage to the building, an opportunity will be provided to introduce the region's historical architectural identity to tourists and create economic flourishing in the region by creative tourism. In this study, by descriptive-analytical method, interview and preparing SWOT table, suggested plans and strategies for designing a tourist hotel in six hundred sites in Kish Island, the heritage of modern island architecture, are indicated through a regeneration approach and protecting the existing environmental structure. Keyword - Regeneration, Land usage change, Modern architectural heritage, Creative tourism