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Developing a LoRa IoT Network and Blockchain Security for the Azores Archipelago

LoRa is the key technology for connecting IoT devices in a long range, low power, and low bandwidth wide-area-network. LoRa IoT has potential uses in many different applications such as smart cities, smart industry, smart agriculture, and smart environment while bringing stringent requirements of confidentially, integrity and availability for IoT devices and mobile networks. Blockchain is a promising technology in strengthening security and privacy protection in distributed systems. In this paper, we propose a new research idea of combining LoRa IoT with blockchain for real-time tracking of air quality and implementing pollution monitoring and controls for the Azores Archipelago in a secure manner. We present the design and implementation of our network architecture and preliminary testing results. Keywords - LoRa, LPWAN, Sensor, Gateway, Power, Network, Blockchain, Archipelago