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Thailand’s Position in the Network Readiness Index (NRI): Analysis and Recommendations

Advancements in technology have been an integral part of improving people’s quality of life, fostering economic growth, creating equal opportunities for urban and remote population and uplifted an emerging economy to a developed one. Every year, the ICT industries and competitiveness teams at the World Economic Forum cooperate in creating a report to analyze network readiness index (NRI) ranking to evaluate improvement and development of each country. The NRI evaluates the impact of ICT on national competitiveness. It is comprised of three components which are the environment for ICT offered by a given country or community (market, political, regulatory, and infrastructure environment), the readiness of the country’s key stakeholders (individuals, businesses, and governments) to use ICT, and the usage of ICT among these stakeholders. The paper aims to evaluate Thailand’s Network Readiness Index (NRI) against other ASEAN countries. The paper indicated that there are some challenges regarding the imposition of the NBTC’s policies and schemes in the next stage so as to move up the position in other aspects of indicator ranking. Index Terms— NRI, Analysis, ICT, Thailand, ASEAN.