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Impact of Integrating Postgraduate Curricula Withrural-Based Communities

This study looked at postgraduate research projects that can take students to the community to apply the knowledge that they have learnt and transformed it into a practical experience with a community member that can improve food security and entrepreneurship. In this respect, an honours project was designed to provide a cheaper and available sources of protein using amber-link layers and its potential to promote entrepreneurship as well as promote student development. Theeffect of layer mash supplementation on free range amber-link egg production atNqutshini, Gingindlovu, KwaZulu-Natal Province was investigated.Twenty point-of-lay (18 weeks old) amber-links were bought at Inverness Rearers and divided into two groups of ten by a random selection. All the birds were weighed at the beginning to make sure that both groups were equal in weight. The two groups were caged separately (1.5x1.5m2 for 10 birds) and in close proximity. Group A received supplementation of 0.5kg of layer mash (50g/per bird/day) and kitchen leftovers daily and Group B’s diet was composed of 1kg of layer mash(50g/per bird/day).Feeding and collection of eggs were done daily in the mornings and water was provided ad libitium. Eggs collected were recorded, weighed and assessed for internal and external quality. Amber-links whose diets composed of only layer mash produced more eggs than those that received supplementation (P<0.05). The difference in production was only 6% which implies that the system is sustainable. It was suggested that the Zululand community members can use this system as a possible source of frequent flow of protein with households. Until today, the project is stillgoing own and no longer sponsored by the Researcher which implies that there was a mutual benefit by institution (student graduation and publication) and the community (entrepreneurship). Keywords - Postgraduate Education; Curriculum; Entrepreneurship; Community Service, Food Security