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Fuzzy Transform Based Early Detection of Brain Tumor

Early brain tumour diagnosis is an intricate process, and studies of tumour segmentation based on MRI imaging have gained more and more interest in recent years. An MRI image can be used to detect the irregular growth of tissues and blood blocks in the nervous system. The first step in brain tumour diagnosis is to check the human brain's symmetric and asymmetric structure, which would identify the abnormality. The next step is segmentation based on two techniques after this step: 1) Fuzzy transformation 2) Morphological functions. These procedures are conducted to delineate the borders of brain tumours and to quantify the tumour region. The f-transform is an intelligent professional strategy for managing ambiguous details and removing salient edges. Keywords—signal processing, Brain tumour, Fuzzy transformation, Health information, cancer detection , image processing ,MRI, clinical diagnosis, pattern recognition, deep learning