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An Exchange Student�s Perspective: A Case Study of Teachers� Different Teaching Methods, Activities and Styles Between Universities in Taiwan and Mainland China

The purpose of the study was to offer references for exchange students majoring in English from both Taiwan and Mainland China by sharing the teachers� teaching methods, activities and styles in Aletheia University (AU) and Guangdong University of Foreign Studies (GU), and to remind teachers from Taiwan and Mainland China of the exchange students� appeals. Seven teachers from AU and nine teachers from GU and five students from both universities participated in this study. The researchers used the method of qualitative research to make the conclusions by observations, intensive interviews and documentary analysis, the results found that teachers from GU are more likely to use multimedia teaching as a common way of teaching than teachers from AU. Before class, teachers from GU tend to require students to finish tough tasks before and after class, while teachers from AU do not normally ask students to do difficult exercise whether before or after class. Teachers from GU pay more attention on students� professional experience than teachers from AU. There areeleven differences and two similaritiesin different aspects from two Universities. The researchers hoped that the finding may provide useful information to the teachers and students who are and will be involved in short-term exchange programs and also make educators from both sides of the Taiwan Strait complement one another smoothly in the future. Keywords� Teaching methods, Teaching activities, Teaching styles, Language learners.