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Domestic Tourism Stimulation through Entrepreneurship in Kvemo Kartli Region, as Means of Poverty Reduction and Income Generation - Response to Covid-19

The goal of the research project was to increase local community engagement in decision-making processes during Pandemic- Covid-19 to create the base for improving social-economic conditions via small business development (Employment opportunities) that for the one hand would have a positive impact on flows of income generation (Local Market) andthe other hand would encourage the sustainable initiatives targeting or led by women, youth and minorities in/from Kvemo Kartli. The target destination of the research - Kvemo Kartli (March -June 2020) was declared as a red zone, a mandatory quarantine had been enforced in Bolnisi and Marneuli municipalities initially, but the research officers of the LNGO, Tourism, and Reality" still were capable to select 280 direct beneficiaries from 7 municipalities for overcoming the challenges through funding the start-ups established within the action plan of the program. Keywords - Research, Tourism Products, Kvemo Kartli, Business