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Study Experimental Dehumication System Working with Liquid Desiccant

Lately, much attention was shown to improve Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) since a large-scale outbreak of the SARS and SBS (Sick Building Syndrome) viruses in a building's air conditioning system. It requires an effective system to create a proper air ventilation system, balancing the energy needs and air quality. A liquid dryer air cooling is an alternative for the conventional air dehumidification technology; it may enhance the air quality and reduce its primary energy consumption. Therefore, this study investigates a crossflow liquid desiccant dehumidification system. For the experiment, the structured packing consists of a finned tube cooling coil. Where ionic liquid flows vertically through the cooling coil from top to bottom, while the air flows horizontally, making it a cross-flow configuration, and the cooling water flows inside the tube. Finally, the effect of varying solution inlet condition flow rate and air on the system performance is presented. Keyword - Liquid Desiccant, Ionic Liquid, Dehumidification, Indoor Air Quality