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The Satisfaction of Hearing-Impaired Students Towards the Learning Media of Smart Office Essential Training Courses With Sign Language

Learning Media was the primary technology used for the Hearing-Impaired (HI) community to access leaning media and information. Learning Media was the published standard for the distribution of multimedia, text, sign language and provides much easier access to data for the HI students. Thus, this research was to study the opinions of Hearing-Impaired Students using the Learning Media of Smart Office Essential Training Courses with Sign Language. The sample group involved consisted of30HI students. The sample was obtained by using the purposive sampling method. Research methods were applied to collect quantitative data using interviews and questionnaires for participant and non-participant observations, as well as documentary studies. The process and product research tools were evaluated by five experts revealing an Index of Item Objective Congruence (IOC) of 0.80. The results of the study found that the satisfaction of accessibility method, the mean was 3.83 and the standard deviation was 0.68. The satisfaction of quality method, the mean was 3.77 and the standard deviation was 0.90. The satisfaction of usability, the mean was 3.67 and the standard deviation was 0.87. For the satisfaction of content, the mean was 3.98 and the standard deviation was 0.86. Finally, the HIstudents would like to use learning media for their recess, learning and need to increase variety and number of learning media. Index Terms´┐Ż Learning media, Satisfaction framework, Hearing-Impaired students.