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Mediation Effect of Brand Loyalty in the Impact of Engagement Creation on Social Media Brand Equity

The study’s objective is to deepen understanding of the relationship between social media brandengagement and social media brand equity (SMBE) by analysing the mediating role of brand loyalty on this relationship. Data were collected from 550Instagram users in Almaty City in Kazakhstan using a scaled Likert questionnaire. was applied to gather the responses online. To check the research hypotheses, SPSS was applied to check descriptive statistics and statistical assumptions, to do bivariate and multiple regression analysis, and bootstrapping. Results show that brand loyalty is a partial mediator of relationship between social media brandengagement and SMBE. This research extends brand equity theory with social media fact base. The enhanced knowledge about SMBE may contribute to understanding and methods of social media brands' valuation. Keywords - Social Media, Social Media Brand Equity, Social Media Brand Engagement, Brand Loyalty, Mediation Effect