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Learning Culture, Norms and Values Through Interactive Simulation Learning Environment

According to core competency of 21st century skills and rapid development of technologies provides a new technology platform for teaching and learning. Accordingly, this study discussed the design theory and incorporation of teaching and learning along with interactive simulation environment of education technologies giving priority to learning styles, multimedia, simulation and other relative issues. The aim of this study was to implement and incorporation an interactive simulation environment for learning: a case study of Thai culture, norms and values based on Constructivisttheory. The sample group was forty students who are studying in Chonburi Primary School. The sample was obtained by using the purposive sampling method and used five experts for evaluation the simulation. An interactive simulation environment for learning culture, norms and values was an application of the combination of teaching technology and multimedia technology development and building interactive simulation environment will facilitate the future development of the cultural learning in primary school. Simulation environment technology has brought about tremendous changes in the educational. Simulation environment technology turns the rich imagination of students into any model, thus achieving the prediction and simulation of learning both visually and acoustically. In addition this application, which has made the system more interactive and the effects in application system planning quite well and has created a comfortable and effective learning environment, has received student�s motivation and can stimulate subjectivity, motility and creativity in learning to promote content and method of educational reformation. Index Terms�interactive simulation environment, Thai culture, Thai values, Thailand historyand Learning technologies.