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Robot Teaching Laboratory Development for Effective Remote Delivery

Teaching Laboratories are the essential learning activities for the engineering education field. During the laboratory period, there are several learning activities, including theoretical review, equipment setup, data or result collecting, and analysis of the results. However, handling laboratory with social distancing during the pandemic of COVID-19 is hard to deal with onsite laboratory. Focusing on the industrial robot laboratories in the mechatronics engineering curriculum of the Suranaree University of Technology, this paper covers a remote robot laboratory design state using a computer programming technique to achieve the industrial robot laboratory and hardware design for robot programming tasks. There are three keys to practicing robot control, jogging, teaching, and programming. Students can remote access the university laboratory from distant areas, and they can book any time during the day and night shift. This paper can help educators deal with robot laboratories or other related laboratories in the social distancing situation. Keywords - Remote laboratory, Industrial Robot Laboratory, Distance Learning