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Development and Strategy of Taiwan's Smart Environmental Information Platform

Advanced countries have implemented data opening policies to improve the popularization of environmental information and the efficiency of environmental governance. Since environmental information is closely related to each other, how to effectively grasp environmental information is particularly important. my country’s smart environmental information platform is based on the application of public Internet of Things data for people’s livelihoods and uses data-driven concepts to enhance the sustainability of environmental governance and services. How to effectively grasp the interaction between environmental information and the organizational boundary ecosystem during the development process is turning to an open service innovation strategy with customer experience as its core value is an important subject of environmental governance and sustainable development. This article first explains the motivation, purpose, and problems of this research. The second part reviews the practical concepts of public issues such as data openness, huge amounts of data, data trends, and one-stop services, as well as the development process of the smart environment information platform; the third part , Commenting on the theoretical concepts of open service innovation and service value network; the fourth part, through case studies, explore the open service innovation strategy of Taiwan’s smart environment information platform; finally, explain the conclusions and suggestions of this article. Keywords - Data-driven Concept, Intelligent Environmental Information Platform, Open Service Innovation, Service Value Network.