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The Competitive Advantages of Taiwan's Traditional Agricultural Auction System Towards E-commerce Operations

The purpose of this research is to use information technology to promote the e-commerce auction and transaction mode of agricultural products in order to strengthen the order of supply and marketing, and ensure the transparency and openness of agricultural product transaction information. So that the agricultural product transportation and marketing system could be improved, and the diversified agricultural product marketing channels could be expanded . At the same time, using SWOT analysis and Five Forces analysis to conduct secondary data collection method and literature review method in qualitative research. According to the research results, the new agricultural e-commerce business models are suggested as follows: 1. Combining and improving the traditional agricultural industry transaction model, and propose an innovative agricultural business model based on e-commerce architecture with the concept of the e-commerce. 2. The introduction of e-commerce market transactions, logistics warehousing and distribution centers in agriculture can improve the overall transaction efficiency in the entire transportation and sales process, and also can shorten the time to achieve good efficiency. Keywords - Agricultural Cooperatives, Agricultural E-commerce, SWOT Analysis, Competitive Five-force Analysis.