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Some Highlights on Singapore - US Relations in Economic Affairs (1990-2012)

After the Cold War, along with the global trend of prioritizing economic development, Singapore and the United States have established close bilateral economic relations and achieved many good results. Trade turnover of the two countries continuously increased and reached high values, focusing on re-exporting technical and refined products. USSFTA is the first free trade agreement that the United States has signed with an Asian country, demonstrating the importance of this strategic partnership. Singapore and the United States are also major investment partners of each other, bilateral FDI increased, made good profits and US MNCs choose Singapore to locate their Asia headquaters. From a small island nation without basic natural conditions, Singapore took off as an Asian dragon and established its position on par with the economic superpower. The correlation of the skilled human resources, technology and the knowledge-economy are the potential bases for the future development of Singapore-US bilateral economic partnership. This article analyzes some key features of the unique relationship between the "giant" US economic and the "tiny" Singapore market from 1990 to 2012. Keywords - Relations, Economic, Singapore, The United States (U.S.)