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Information Science and Interdisciplinary: Literature Review

This paper discuses four types of questions. First, it addresses the origins of information science, beside the impact of technology on its direction and evolution as a field by showing the history of the information science field since the establishing until 2000 with all the changes whether in its system or manes. Also, discussed the theoretical foundations that played a major role in each phase of the development of information science. Second, the definition of information science and how it is important to understand the definition of data and information in order to determine it. Moreover, how the definition evolves over the time to include human and technology. Third, the deliberation of the interdisciplinary nature of information science, and how other disciplines have contributed to the formation and evolution of information science by introducing the interdisciplinary nature of information science. The discussion includes the most important related fields, which are computer science, librarianship, cognitive science, and communications. Fourth, another important part of this paper is the strong relationship between information science and the technology. Moreover, how both fields are dealing with users’ behavior with information with different perspectives. Keywords - Information Science, Technology, Data, Information, Knowledge, Interdisciplinary, Computer Science, Librarianship, Cognitive Science.