Paper Title
Research Review: Information Behavior and Social Media

This paper discusses the users’ behaviors in social media. In addition, it highlights the history of social media, information science, social networking websites, information seeking behaviors, and information sharing behaviors. Moreover, it compares the strengths and weaknesses of social media and social networking websites. It represents old literatures that have talked about these specific topics. It discusses in depth about related topics of information science, some of which are information behavior, information seeking behavior, information sharing behavior. Moreover, it shows previous studies regarding to information behavior and social media, and it compares information seeking behavior along with information sharing behavior. In the research potential section, results have been summarized based on the literature which have been reviewed in this paper. The last section demonstrates the linkage between these topics under the information science field, which are information behavior, social media, social networking websites, etc, and how they are related to each other. Keywords – Information Science, Information Behavior, Information seeking behavior, Information sharing behavior, Social Media, Social Networking Websites, Social Networks.