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Design and Development of Multiplatform E-Textbookas New Resource For Robotic Course Content

This project developed under the scholarship of Sripatum University, Chonburi Campus. According to core competency of 21st century skills and rapid development of technologies provides a new technology platform for teaching and learning. The electronic textbook (e-textbook) is a one thing for creates a variety of ways to deliver and provide electronic resources for learner. It includes many methods such as using system to deliver text, video and animation to learner. This project aim to create an e-textbook for Introduction to Robotics Course Content. The course did not previously have any textbook or other supplementary materials. Researcher used the technique of dynamic computer graphics to establish an animation display system. Therefore the purposes of this research were: 1) to develop the multi-platform e-textbook as new Resource for robotic course content and 2) to study the satisfaction of students towards the multi-platform e-textbook as new Resource for robotic course content. The samples for this study comprised of 5 panel experts and 30 vocational students from Thai vocational school. The sample was obtained by using the purposive sampling methods. The results shown that: the satisfaction of thepanel experts andvocational students on the system, the mean was 4.18 with the standard deviation was 0.50. It was concluded that, in order to significant results, the e-textbook can be utilized on education for sustainable development. Index Terms´┐Ż E-Textbook, Robotic Course Content, Teaching Tool Technology.