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Kinetics: Catalysis

Catalysts play an important in a wide range of fields from the realization of a sustainable society such as CO2 fixation to industrial chemistry. We will explore the reaction kinetics from the viewpoint of the catalytic reaction mechanism, using the ammonia synthesis reaction discussed in the previous lecture as the subject. Adsorption interaction of a catalyst to the reactant (d- orbital occupancy of catalyst as an index) is known as a primary indicator of catalytic activity (Sabatier’s principle). The reaction due to molecular collision and the one with catalyst consist of multi-elementary steps are compared with the energy profile. Consideration of the relationship between activation energy and reaction rate those above will lead to not only an experimental understanding but also a theoretical understanding. Also, we take water gas shift reaction and photodecomposition of water for artificial photosynthesis. Keywords - Reaction Rate, Chemical Equilibrium, Activation Energy, Rate-Limiting step, Haber Bosch method, CO2 Fixation