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Positivity and The Pandemic: A Review about the Effectiveness of Positive Psychology Approaches

This paper aims to discuss and review the effectiveness of Positive Psychology approaches and interventions, during the currently ongoing, global COVID-19 pandemic. As the psychological distress and need for aid increases, it is important to understand the usefulness of any psychological intervention, by reviewing empirical support for it. The paper focuses on positive psychology approaches, as they take a more holistic stance towards psychological needs of individuals and these approaches can be incorporated with relative ease in to everyday routine. Different contexts such as educational setups, work related instances, family life and general everyday life instances, and the application of positive psychology approaches to these contexts have been carefully considered and reviewed. The review targets to gives the reader a pragmatic understanding about the application of varied positive psychology approaches and their outcomes during this global pandemic. Keywords - Positive Psychology, Pandemic, Approaches, Gratitude, Resilience, Wellbeing