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Navigating the Influence of Training and Development on the Performance of Project Management Organizations Employees, the Mediating Role of Self-Efficacy using Transformational Leadership as the Moderator

Using self-efficacy as a mediating variable and transformational leadership as a moderator in this research, it was found that training and development (T&D), Access to training, training benefits and supervisor support have a direct positive impact on employee performance while training motivation was found to have no direct influence on employee performance though under the intermediary of self-efficacy it was found to have a positive effect on employee performance. In this research, analysis of the mechanism of the mediating effects s how that self-efficacy as a process factor, connects input factors (Training and development and output factor of performance) when introducing self-efficacy into the relationship of training and development of employees and their performance, the correlation between the two is enhanced. The analysis mechanism of the moderating effect indicates that transformational leadership is positively regulating the interaction between training and development and employee self-efficacy. Keywords – Employee performance, Project Management organizations, Self-efficacy, Training and development, Transformational leadership