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Indigent Students in the Academe: The Role of Motivations, Resiliency, Challenges and Needs in their Academic Journey

Indigent students are not surprising in the Philippines but how they can survive in the academe of higher learning makestheir story interesting. The study sought to determine the motivations, resiliency, challenges and needs of these indigent students in thetertiary level. This is a quantitative descriptive-correlational method of research employing the use of interview and questionnairetechniques. The 240 indigent students of Tagbilaran City College were the respondents of this study. It was found out that they areextremely motivated in 6 out of 7 motivations. Furthermore, nearly 93% of them are commendably strongly to exceptionallyresilient.The challenges on system and time management and non-tuition fee expenses made them feel difficult to survive in College. There is nosignificant difference of the students’ needs in the three academic programs. Studies and financial management topped among theseneeds. Their level of resiliency and perceived challenges have significant correlation. For them to be helped perform academically betterand survive in the academe, financial help, better communication of the lecturers and nutritious food should be addressed. It is stronglyrecommended thattheschoolcomeupwith institutionalfinancial aidpolicies. Keywords – Indigent Students, Indigence, Motivations, Resiliency, Challenges