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How to deal with FOMO Created in the Digital World with Digital Tools

The Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) refers to the anxiety incurred by the thoughts that an exciting or interesting thing may currently be happening and you are not a part of it. Not until the advent of social media, FOMO was something under control because accessing an endless source of information at a fingertip was an inconceivable concept. The combination of social media platforms and smartphones bring out FOMO to its full potential. Nowadays social media has become the main source of connection and interaction especially for young people, FOMO thus intensifies and has significant impact to modern life consequently. For better understanding of FOMO effects, this research aims to find ways to live with FOMO by looking at it as a psychological response we cannot evade as we use services of social media platforms and to explore existing digital tools that try to curb smartphone addiction to provide information that benefits smartphone users who want to handle their FOMO better. Keywords - Digital well-being, FOMO, Social Media, Smartphone