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Intercultural Competences for Employment Sustainability in the Diverse Workplace: Prospects for Community Engagement Outreach Program

A key skill set in today's global workplace is intercultural or cross-cultural competence, where expats are more likely to communicate with co-workers and employers from various cultures and nations, and need to collaborate productively with individuals who have been influenced by different values, beliefs and experiences. This study delves on the essential intercultural competences that expats should possess to sustain employment in the diverse workplace. Data reveal that expats have personal characteristics as strong foundation to cope with the diverse workplace requirements On the other hand, their tacit cultural knowledge of the host countries need to be provided with avenues and opportunities that will enhance their intercultural competences particularly with their language proficiency and ability to communicate. This study therefore offers some insights for possible pedagogic activities thru community engagement or out-reaches programmes to be initiated or organized by charitable organizations and academic institutions. Keywords - Intercultural Competences, Employment Sustainability, Diverse Workplace, Prospects, Community Engagement, Outreach Program