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Fasting Increases The Immune System Resistance Coronavirus

New scientific methods used by the Coptic Orthodox Church to eliminate various diseases such as the Corona virus .fasting and food system followed throughout the year (221-255) days fast period equal to 2/3 of the year (omega 3) into the period of eating 110-145 days Equal 1/3 of the year (Omega 6) and It has a fasting system is equivalent to fasting 16: eating 8. The best system for fasting and food system thrughout the year in 365 days. This research about fasting and the food of the Egyptians from the days of the Pharaohs until now within the Egyptian Coptic Orthodox Church and is responsiblefor Christians in Egypt in terms of their spiritual lives and their food during the period of fasting and how this system is the best health system in the world in slimming and resistance to diseases and viruses especially a virus corona . Keywords - Corona Virus (covid -19) - Diseases - Fasting & Food System - Omega 3 - Omega 6 - Pharaohs - The Coptic Orthodox Church.