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Enhancement of Cooling using Design Modification on Single Wall Mounted Cube Exposed to Impinging Jet and Cross Flow

The aim of the present work is to enhance the cooling effectiveness of a single wall mounted cube exposed to imping jet and cross flow. The arrangement is analogous to electronic cooling configuration. For a particular value of cross flow velocity corresponding to Reynolds number (ReH) of 3410, three different jet velocities are being tested which corresponds to Reynolds number (Rej) of 1705 and 3410. The governing equation of continuity, momentum and energy have been solved using commercial package Fluent®. The cooling effectiveness enhancement has been done using modifications in the design of the cube which involve normal grooving. The design changes bring about a change in the flow patterns which have been studied in the scope of this work. It can bring about the heat transfer enhancement by 1.3 times. Keywords - Electronics Cooling, Heat Transfer, Jet Impingement, Thermal Management