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Arrangement of Heatsink for Best Thermal Dissipation and its Impact to the Thermal Performance in High Power Device

To optimise high power electronic device performance in a product, the placement or arrangement of suitable heatsinks onto a device is crucial.Devices such as Power Amplifier, Linear Regulator and Central Processing Unit (CPU are used in high power application such as Radio Frequency (RF) communication to boost signal power. These electronic devices produce a lot of heat when in operation as they consume most of the power in a system. Comprehensive and detail study on the thermal management especially on the heatsinks arrangement and positioning is crucial. Bad thermal design for heatsinking of high power device will lead to poor reliability, under performance of overall system or possibly instantaneous device failure. This paper focus on the optimum positioning of the heatsinks mounted on to high power electronic devices in order to operate within recommended thermal operation condition by manufacturer. Keywords - Power Module Thermal Management, Heat Sinking, Printed Circuit Board (PCB), Heatsink