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Disaster Management Capability of Local Government Units in Camanava, Basis for a Proposed Training Design on Good Governance and Capability Building

Disaster and calamities of either natural or man-made have a great impact to the people, to the government and to the world in general. It hampers the economy of the state, causes damages to a million of properties, loss to a million of lives and make discomfort to a million of people around the world. The researcher in the conduct of the study adopted the descriptive methods in which purposive sampling design was used. The researcher distributed a total of Four Hundred (400) questionnaires to the three groups of respondents in the four (4) cities of (CAMANAVA) namely, Caloocan City, Malabon City, Navotas City, and Valenzuela City. The questionnaires were distributed to Local Government Units, None Governmental Organization and Community members. The researcher used one-way Analysis of Variance (ANOVA) to determine the significant difference on the assessment of the three group of respondents with regard to the capability of local government units in terms of disaster management and the significant relationship in the assessment of its implementation of decision and processes of the LGU units. The researcher makes a comparison of the four cities in the CAMANAVA areas with respect to the servicesin terms of risk identification, assessment, prevention and mitigation of damages and casualties, preparedness and recovery, it also includes the decisional role, interpersonal role, and informational role of the local chief executive.Based on the study conducted, the respondents were moderately satisfied on the capability of the local government units in terms of risk, identification and assessment, prevention and mitigation, preparedness and recovery, the decisional role, interpersonal role and informational role is also considered.There is no significant relationship of LGU capability to the above variable, since the computed value of F is (1.052) lesser than the tabular value of (2.946). The researcher concluded thatthethree groups of respondents were moderately satisfied on the services rendered by LGU, through LDRRMO.However, they need to improveon information campaign and public awareness, encouraging the people to cooperate, improve logistic support and increase in budget allocation. The Solway (2004) guides are recommended by the researcher to be adopted by LGU. Among are: Identify vulnerable people and areas, ensure that all members of the community are aware of the effect of disaster, disseminating advice and notes and good practice guide for disaster mitigation to the community. Keywords - Disaster, Calamities, CAMANAVA, Man-made and Local-government units.