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Investigating the Relationship Between the Human Centric Marketing Characteristics and Brand Attachment: An Empirical Study on Hospitals in Egypt

This research aims to study the relationship between the human centric marketing and brand attachment, it seeks to find the effect of cultural dimensions which summarize the extent to which cultural groups are found empirically to differ from one another in terms of psychological attributes such as values, beliefs, self-construal, personality, and behaviorson hospitalsin Egypt. The topic is deemed relevant because of covid-19, organizations needed to become more human centric, managing emotionally individuals to gain attraction to more patients. Culture plays a role in brand personality perceptions and consumers in different cultural contexts identify with different culturally relevant brand personality traits.Such a study is important as brands are now adopting human qualities to attract customers in the human centric era. The focus of this research is hospital dealing with their patients by using all marketing tools to increase hospital performance and renews.Such a study is important in order to hospital brand specially which deal with in different cultures. The research approach adopted in this study includes mainly surveyon quantitative research approaches. After collecting the necessary data from hospital patients.Brand attraction; Human centric; Brand attachment and Cultural dimensions. Both the Amos and the SPSS programs are used by applying descriptive analysis, reliability test, correction analysis and the structure equation modelling (SEM). The findings from this research provide evidence that the strong brand attachment is created through meaningful personal connection between the brand and its customers. The main conclusions drawn from this study to create hospital brand attachment and sustain and grow the brand’s competitive advantages aremaking clear identification and management of a strategic brand; and the importance of human centric factor to attach more patients and make a unique brand with remarkable renew, the role of brand attraction and cultural dimensions as mediator and moderators to change that influenced patient engagement, and guide hospitals to engage more patients. This dissertation recommends that relevant to executive managers in hospitals and it will be a guide in their decision making process to attract more patients Keywords - Human Centric Marketing, Brand Attachment, Brand Attraction and Cultural Dimensions.