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Human Rights and Global Health Governance: WHO’s Actions under COVID-19

In 2020, global health issues has become dominant part in international relations and global governance for the outbreak of COVID-19. The concern on Diseases and epidemic is not just because of the heated discussion on health and security under the era of globalization, but it refers to the security problems in other areas such as inequality, education, economic recession, international relations and the resilience of international organizations, institutions and cooperation mechanisms in international stage. The most popular topic when talking of global health governance is the protection of human rights, which includes, the effectiveness of current rules, conventions, or mechanism in global health, the protection of human lives during governance, whether the actions of actors in global governance such as WHO and other transnational subjects guarantee human rights, etc. This essay mainly focuses on WHO’s mission and actions during the 2020 pandemic and its relevance to human rights, emphasizing its interaction with countries, NGO and its own actions and its leading role in the recovery of global health order. Keywords - WHO, Human Rights, COVID-19, Democracy, Global Governance