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Developing an Implementation Plan for a Domain-Specific Process Architecture in a Multimodel Environment

Process-focused organizations operating in a multimodel environment have increased their interest in managing and improving their business processes. This is due to that these organizations are adopting several process improvement technologies simultaneously in their improvement programs, which has generated several problems. Process Architecture has been explicitly proposed as a tool to address with problems that arise in this multimodel environment. Much of the literature has been written on process architecture design for different business domains. However, there are very few works that attempt to outline the critical activities that lead an organization to the successful implementation of a process architecture in a multimodel improvement environment. The purpose of the paper is threefold: (1) to identify meta-activities of the process architecture life cycle; (2) to outline critical activities to define a successful implementation process encompassing the process architecture life cycle; and (3) based on the above two points, an implementation checklist was built as a tool to guide users in practice and allow them to derive their implementation plan. Keywords - Domain-Specific Process Architecture, Multimodel Environment, Process Architecture Life Cycle, Implementation Plan.