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The Study of Catholic Educational Leadership of School Administrators in Catholic Schools

The objective of this article is to study Catholic Educational Leadership of School Administrators. There are three phases to this study. The first phase is based on documentary Research from theoretical concepts, textbooks, printed materials, publications, electronic media both in and outside the country. The Second phase analyzes the relevant literature in order to create the conceptual framework of variables affecting or conceding Catholic schools. The third is to summarize variables that are relevant and have impacts on educational leadership of school administrators. The results of this study revealed that the central role of administrators in Catholic schools could bring about change in school environment. Through their leadership and characters school administrators have an influence to inspire those whom they lead to a greater belief, loyalty and commitment to the achievement of the goal of the Catholic schools. There are six significant components to this kind of leadership: 1) vision 2) professional competency 3) personal growth 4) technology and communication skills 5) reflection and 6) building of participatory educational communities. Keywords - Leadership, Catholic Educational Leadership, Catholic Schools