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Factors Influencing Street Food Selections by Local Thai People in Bangkok Chinatown

The paper focuses on street food attributes and how Thai consumers in different demographics priorities different factors. The street food sectors offer quick and ready-to- eat meals and beverages that are sold and prepared by itinerant peddlers and the street food sellers and vendors in public areas, especially on the road sides. According to the uniqueness and the convenience, street food is consumed by many Thai local people and international consumers from middle income to higher. Bangkok Chinatown has been well-known as a place of food paradise for many decades. However, the price might not be as cheap as other types of street food places due to the fact of being one of the most famous tourist attractions. The aim of this study is to identify important factors in choosing street food in Thai local people perspectives and elaborate the effects of the pandemic of Covid-19 towards the cleanliness attribute. Results indicated that the cleanliness attribute is significant among every demographic factor being tested in this study. While other attributes such as entertainment and location are important in some demographic factors. Hence, the result contributes to the street food vendors to enhance the cleanliness to attract more Thai local customers. Keywords - Street food, Thai local people, Street food attributes, Bangkok Chinatown, Consumers